Find out now if cheap optimisation companies are worth using...

We all want to save money. Especially when some agencies are offering optimisation services for over £2,000 a month.


Here's how to find out if affordable search engine optimisation or cheap SEO is actually any good, and if you can use the cheaper ranking agencies to get the same results as the expensive premium companies.


Is affordable SEO really any good?


To start off with, let's find out what affordable search engine optimisation really means:

The term "affordable" is easily misinterpreted... Does it mean "cheaper than usual"? Does it mean "cheap as standard"? Is the work going to be sub-standard? Getting a feel for the company you are considering signing up with will answer these questions for you.


The first thing you need to do when you're assessing a company who is offering you anything branded as affordable is to try to understand why their service is so much cheaper than other businesses offering what is apparently exactly the same.


The easiest way to do this is to ask: "What will I get for my money?". It's a great question when it comes to SEO as it's such a complicated service. If you get a jargon response then be sure to ask for clarification too.


There are a plethra of different ways to perform website optimisation for search engines and each company is going to offer a different number of services for their asking price, and each service will be to a varying quality.


A good SEO company will present you with a list of exactly what you'll get. And an even better company will tailor that list to suit your business, making it bespoke for you.


A quick and easy way to spot a company that you should probably avoid, is one which offers you no information about what you will receive for your money.


Make sure you get monthly SEO reports and in-depth website information

Looking for cheap seo services?Reporting is crucial. And any good SEO agency, affordable or expensive, should be sending you regular reports on how your website is doing, and what's been achieved; as well as predicted outcomes and any other information they can provide you with to demonstrate that the campaign is producing results.


If you sign up to an affordable SEO package and you don't get regular reports then how are you to know that anything is happening?


An example of reports for affordable SEO is that once per month (and for some clients once a week) I will compile an email outlining what's been done and what results I expect the work to have on their rankings.


This is great for my clients as they can see exactly what I am doing for their website and where I'm doing it - And at the same time it helps me to create a picture of what's working well and what's not so good; allowing me to concentrate my efforts on the stuff that works well for my clients' website.


The best tips I have for sourcing a reliable and affordable SEO company


1: Avoid companies who are based overseas or far away

By this I mean a company that's based abroad will have very little "face value" that you can work with. If your business is in the UK, why not choose a good affordable optimisation company who's also in the UK?


2: Talk to the company and get details

Get to know the company. They may be cheap but it's still your money that's being spent; so establishing a rapor is a great way for both parties to understand each other. The SEO company will be more than happy to talk to you. If they're truly as good as you need them to be then they'll have all the answers to your SEO related questions.


3: Remember that SEO is an investment

Yes, you don't want to spend a load of money. That's completely understandable. And it's why you're looking for a trustworthy optimisation company who are also affordable. However you should always remember that SEO is an investment in your business, where the results should far exceed the cost. So the money you spend now will come back to you in new sales generated from your affordable search engine optimisation.


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