Here's What You'll Get

With the Local Business SEO Package, every month we will:


Build powerful back-links to your website page(s)

Usually between 5 and 20 new links each month. The number of links gradually increases, depending on the size and popularity of your website.

It's never a good idea to flood your site with new links, so we are careful to ensure that the right number of back-links are created and they are linked from websites which will improve your SEO value as best as possible, every month. This will increase your overall website rankings steadily and for the long term.

Create New Off-Site Content & Articles

We will write and publish a new article each month to news a PR websites around the UK. Articles are written around a topic relating to your product or service and wherever possible will include a link (or links) back to your website.

We will also promote this article using social media platforms and sharing websites, and we encourage you to publish the article on your website too. We will send you the details each month.

Perform Social Links And Social Sharing

We will promote your website pages by sharing them on our network of social pages and accounts, to promote the website to new audiences and help boost your overall SEO scores.

We will also use social sharing to promote new articles that we write and publish for your website.

If you do not already have social accounts for your business we can (and will) help you create them.

Continually Provide You With SEO Boosts

We're always building new relationships with other websites, social accounts, bloggers and networkers and whenever the opportunity arrises, we will use these relationships to promote your business. This may be through additional back-links, promotions within blogs, short write-ups about your business or any other way that will help your website to grow.

Provide You With Website Amendment Suggestions

We will suggest changes that can be made on your website which will complimient the SEO work we do, and help you gain even better rankings.

Send You Detailed Reports

At the end of each month we will provide you with an email report of the work which has been carried out, how your keywords rank (and how they have improved), and your websites statistics and authority rankings, and how they're improving month-on-month. Your monthly report will also include any article(s) which have been published that month, so that you can include them on your website if you want to.

All our SEO work is done by hand, here in the UK, and is tailored for your website. There isn't much that we do twice! Great SEO is all about building links and content which are suited to the nature of the website and we do this month in and month out, helping businesses to grow exceptionally well online.


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