Find out exactly what SEO is, and what (and how) it's done to help your business grow online...


In a nutshell, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It's the process of tweaking, amending and altering a website to increase it's popularity within Google, and other search engine's results.


In-turn, the website will get more visitors because it was much easier to find in the search results than other websites.


If your website is not optimised, the chances are you'll be very hard to find and your website visitor numbers will be low.


Find out how SEO works

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Why would you want more people to visit your website?

Over recent years, websites have gone from being a brochure style information platform to being a sales-generating tool.


This means that instead of just existing online, businesses now want to utilise the low costs of having a website and use it to generate leads, sales and revenue. You don't have to pay your website a salary or commission so what better way to generate free business.


And the more business you generate through your website, the lower your overheads will be.


This is how SEO works for you

Looking for cheap seo services?Without at least a basic input of optimisation for your website, it just won't be found by enough people to generate these leads or sales.


Search engine optimisation tells Google, Bing and the other search sites what your website is, what you do, where you are and how popular your business is.


The search engines use this information to compare you with other similar websites, and determine who is going to offer the most relevant information to anyone who searches online for something you have to offer.


So it's important to be the best.


How does SEO make your website the best?

Good SEO will result in much more traffic to your website and that's what you really want. Upwards trends in Google Analytics that look like this:

SEO causes upwards trends in Google Analytics


Getting these sorts of results is simple, and at the same time it's very complicated. Here's why:


Search engine optimisation is a phrase which covers a huge array of different tactics to help your website succeed. The can include (but certainly aren't limited to):


  • The code which makes up your website - It needs to be tidy, well written and include "tags" which give search engines different snippets of key information.


  • Your website's content - Minimal information or copying and pasting text from else where won't achieve anything. Your content needs to be concise, helpful and it needs to be your own.


  • Social Media - You're probably already promoting your business through Facebook, but what about Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube? Your popularity (and the quality of the information you share) on social sites is important to your website's rankings.


  • Backlinks - This one has been around for years. Good quality, relevant links from other websites who like what you do, will aid in the success of your site's SEO. But a million links doesn't guarantee greatness. A hundred great links will do much more for your business.


  • Articles and PR - It's great to have content on your website. It's great to also have content on other websites, about your website. Writing press releases, information pages, being helpful around the internet all creates a buzz which helps your site's rankings grow.


Find Out How SEO Works


Before being frightened away by not undertanding something, it's important to remember a couple of points:


  • SEO is your friend. If you're working with someone else to achieve your optimisation goals then they can also be the one to answer your questions.
  • Search engine optimisation is an investment. What's put in will come back to you through higher sales, as a result of properly optimising your website.


Outsourcing your SEO work

Get the best optimisation resultsGetting to grips with any of these, and other SEO techniques is a learning curve, but understanding how to do it all and make it work together to increase your rankings and visitors is complicated.


This is why businesses turn to SEO agencies to help them achieve their ranking goals.


Search engine optimisation professionals do this all day every day (usually not on weekends but even that's not guaranteed!), and any good company will be doing so for a mix of different business types.


With each business having different requirements and competing in different environments, a reputable SEO company will have all the experience needed to help out with your website too.


So if you know you want your website to attract a vast new audience and bring in the sales but you don't do SEO for a living then you'll want to find an affordable SEO company to bring on board and get things going on your behalf.


Time For Some Real SEO...

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